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I lead the global Creative team at 99designs, the world’s largest on-demand graphic design marketplace. I oversaw brand development, managed budgets, and directed an internal and freelance team of designers, copywriters, and marketers. I ensured a high level of creative output across all creative deliverables, including marketing, videography, motion graphics, events, and merchandise resulting in increased customer acquisition, retention and monetization. During my four years at 99d I got to set up multiple new organizational disciplines and work on numerous amazing projects including a rebrand, setting up a video studio, a magazine collaboration that required commissioning dozens of custom illustrations on a extremely compressed timeline, and creating the “Design Without Borders: The Future of Freelancing” report where we surveyed over 10,000 designers from 42 countries and created one of the most far-reaching looks at the freelance design landscape to date. 

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Studio Design

  • Design

    Identity, Web Design, Print Design, Videography, Motion Graphics

  • Client



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