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Hi, I'm Steven –

I create emotional, strategic, and effective content.

I'm here to help you tell your story in a way your audience can feel.

Creative Director with two decades of expertise in guiding brands and thought leaders across various sectors—including technology, design, non-profit, consumer packaged goods, medicine, psychedelics, and real estate—to tell their stories, extend their capabilities, and forge deeper, more authentic connections with their audiences.


Creative Direction, Branding, Videography, Marketing, Campaign Development, Art Direction, Project Management, Motion Graphics, Social Media Strategy, Video + Podcast Studio Build-out, AI Adoption, Audio Design, Photography, UX, Web Design, Print Design, Product Positioning, Content Creation, Experiential Design, SEO, Advertising, Thought Leadership, etc.


Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Resolve, Lightroom, Illustrator, ChatGPT, Runway, Audition, Figma, XD, Sketch, Cubase, Logic, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, BrowserStack, Jira, Confluence, Asana, Trello, Teamwork, Basecamp, Monday, Wrike, Coschedule, Mailchimp, Google Workspace, InVision, Balsamiq, Canva, Miro, etc.


Some brands I've helped


What to expect

Project Kickoff

Reach out and we can schedule a kickoff call! During this call we can get to know each other and get on the same page about the project’s mission, goals, deliverables, and timeframe.

The Creative Brief

After our initial consultation, I'll provide you with a creative brief which will assist in achieving the best possible outcome for your project along with project scope options and quotes.


Now that we've pinned down what the core messaging and strategies are for your project, it's time to begin design. I'll provide multiple check-ins and opportunities for feedback and collaboration. 


Well then, let's dig in!


    Can you give me an instant quote/what are your rates?

    Having a quick conversation about your particular project will always be the best way to get you an accurate project estimate. Design project pricing will vary due to several factors that influence the scope, complexity, and value of the work. The intricacy of the design, medium, technologies used, and project urgency will all affect pricing. Each project is unique, demanding tailored solutions, so please feel free to reach out and schedule a quick kickoff call so we can get you the most accurate quote possible... c'mon it'll be fun!

    How long will my project take?

    Before receiving an accurate turnaround estimate for your project, we'll have a quick kickoff call. This call will ensure that the quoted turnaround time encompasses all project nuances, resulting in a more realistic and transparent estimation and paving the way for a successful collaboration. Chatting through your needs will allow me to deeply understand your goals, vision, design preferences, brand identity, target audience and specific project requirements. 

    Can you accommodate my budget?

    I understand that every project is unique, and I'm dedicated to finding innovative ways to deliver impactful designs within your financial scope. By tailoring strategies, optimizing resources, and maintaining open communication, I'm able to provide clients with designs that effectively communicate their message and enhance their brand regardless of budget.

    Can you grow my Social Media following?

    Through our project we can create content that focuses on authenticity, value, and relatability, but you should be aware that Social Media growth demands consistent effort due to intense competition and evolving algorithms. Building an engaged audience requires creating valuable content, maintaining a consistent posting schedule, fostering interactions, and adapting to trends. Success necessitates strategic planning, creativity, and a commitment to building genuine connections with followers over time... the good news is if you're considering investing in your brand through effective design you are taking a huge leap in the right direction. During our initial conversations we can dive into your existing social strategy (or possibly lack thereof?) and create a plan of attack. 

    For a Video project, can you make my video go viral?

    While content creators can employ strategies to enhance visibility and engagement, guaranteeing viral success is elusive due to the unpredictable nature of online trends and audience behaviors. Virality often depends on various factors, including timing, current events, user sentiment and account "reach". We can create content focuses on authenticity, value, and relatability, but external factors will always play a significant role and virality is not guaranteed. 

    For a Video project, what gear do you use?

    I'm prepared for diverse videography projects and am equipped with a comprehensive range of professional gear that can be rented out for your project at a highly discounted rate. From industry standard cinema cameras to specialized audio and lighting equipment, I ensure the right tools for every scenario. This enables me to capture professional visuals and sound quality, regardless of the project's complexity or nature. 

    Will you rent out your gear?

    When not in use for client work much of my gear is available for rent to other creative professionals - reach out if you have questions!

    For a Video project, how large is your crew?

    For video projects I adapt my crew size according to project demands. For smaller shoots, I can streamline to essential team members (often times just myself), maximizing efficiency and flexibility. More complex productions call for a larger crew, ensuring each aspect receives dedicated expertise, resulting in high-quality, well-executed videos that align with the project's scope and vision.

    How do you ensure that the design aligns with our brand's identity?

    Ensuring your story is told in a way that is both effective and on-brand is of paramount importance to me. By immersing myself in your brand's identity and maintaining open, collaborative communication with multiple check-ins along the way, final creative will align authentically with your brand, resonate with your audience and deliver the intended message effectively.

    How do you ensure the accessibility of your designs?

    As a designer committed to accessibility (a design process in which the needs of people with disabilities are specifically considered), I prioritize creating designs that follow best practices. Regular testing with accessibility tools helps me identify and rectify any potential issues. By integrating these considerations into the design process, we can make sure that all users are able to engage with your content effectively and equitably.

    How will the design be optimized for different platforms (print, web, social media)?

    I possess a deep understanding of diverse design mediums and their unique requirements. This expertise empowers me to craft designs optimized for each platform. Regardless of the channels we target with your project scope, your content will stand out, convey consistent messaging, and adhere to the best practices of each medium.

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